Мay You Be Healthy – Toasts From Gornja Jablanica



17′57″, 2022.
Dalibor Pešić
Medveđa Municipality Cultural Center
Dalibor Pešić
Dušan Jovović




  The authenticity of toasts from Gornja Jablanica comes from an autochthonous living practice, surviving until this day as an integral part of local ritual gatherings and celebrations, contributing to the culture of public speaking. The specificity of the “tall glass” ritual performance, that is the toasts in Gornja Jablanica, is reflected in a spontaneous and inspired address, through which this valuable element of intangible cultural heritage is nurtured and devoutly preserved. Through this textual review, the ritual dimension and atmosphere of the toast are analyzed so that the significance of a sense of common fate and living word in the anticipation of a positive outlook for the individual, family, and community may be pointed out.


Dalibor Pešić graduated in ethnology and anthropology. From 2003, he is editor of cultural activities at the Center for Culture Sopot. He has over eighteen years of experience in planning and developing cultural projects. He is author, consultant, and has carried out several projects of research, digital documenting, and presenting intangible cultural heritage, as well as many multimedia art projects inspired by intangible cultural heritage.