Who Is Whose?



18′51″, 2021.
Jana Toman
Rajko Petrović
Jana Toman, Ana Melentijević
Nataša Ilić

  Behind the idea of this film is a question: what happens when two persons of different confessions want a church marriage? But at the same time, it opened many others we were unaware of, all related to multi-confessional marriages. In Boljevci on the banks of the Sava river, these marriages are happening for at least two centuries, ever since Slovaks came to live in these areas, and the film attempts to demonstrate what happens with customs, mother tongue, tradition, and the confessions of persons who owe their existence to such marriages.


Jana Toman has obtained her BA and MA at the Teacher education faculty at the University of Belgrade, and finished her postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. She directs children’s plays, performs folk dances, she is a choreographer at the cultural artistic society of Boljevac, newspaper reporter, with many seminars of Slovak language studies, folklore, and theater directing behind her. But above all else, she enjoys educating children the most.