Under the Open Sky


Arman Yeritsyan

39’, 2005.

Two rovers in love. Once, Sasha Kirilenko was a musician, Natasha Latysheva – a journalist.  At the turn of two historic epochs they found themselves on the roadside, like many of our contemporaries. Inscrutable fate flung them to Armenia. It was there that their ways crossed and got tied up into a tragic knot of love and death. Yerevan is having a good time celebrating the New Year of 2005. Our heroes will live but a few days in the open air. But despite everything these strange people will give us lessons of optimism, love and strength of human spirit.

Arman Yeritsyan, born in 1975, graduated from Yerevan Pedagogical University Film Department. Arman Yeritsyan has directed a large number of PSAs and award-winning documentaries including, “Under the Open Sky” and “Hello Felini”. He worked at “Monarch Films”, “Internews Armenia”, “Russia Today” as well as various Armenian TV stations. He taught a series of workshops and master classes on documentary filmmaking and TV journalism at Moscow State University, VGIK, Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema. He was jury member at various documentary film festivals. Since 2007 he is collaborating with Bars Media Documentary Film Studio, where he directed several films.