Еvery Bird Sings its Own Song





51′20″, 2023.


Bojan Dakić


Ksenija Silađi, Tatjana Kalezić


Bojan Dakić, Marjana Jović Lainović


Arpad Garbac, Bojan Dakić, Borislav Živkov

Pavle Nikić


   Traveling around the world, the Roma did not have a written language, but, they developed a secret way of communicating through visuals signs and symbols. They named this form of communication patrin, and today this coded language belongs to history. Today, many questions in a decades long process of language standardization have been raised. Romani oral literature is becoming increasingly present in written form. Besides the language, the topic of the film is music as a dominant of the Romani way of expression. Its characteristics in Vojvodina have been presented as well. Authors and performes which grew out of the Vojvodina plains have been given a space too.



Bojan Dakić, born in 1979 in Zrenjanin, is a multimedia artist whose creative path is strongly shaped by audivisual experience. He has graduated at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, where he directed his talents towards the plastic arts. The path of art has led him to the title of MA in new visual media – video. Within his multimedia career he works in television and film, as director, scriptwriter, cinematographer, DP, and editor. His creative portfolio includes around twenty short films, experimental forms, and video performances. He spent a significant time creating documentaries, making over 400 minutes of intriguing content.