I Will Be Placing Flowers on the Marble


10’45’’, 2021.


Sara Stijović


Sara Stijović


Sara Stijović


Sara Stijović


Sara Stijović


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“I Will Be Placing Flowers on the Marble” is one of the verses of the lament, that is, the song with tears, as it is often called by the people, and now also the title of our film. A sister suddenly loses her brother, and as usual, cries from sunrise to sunset - starting very quietly and lamenting louder and more painfully as the day goes on… Poetically presented images show us an account of the life the brother lived and in which the sister remained. The lament is on the verge of extinction today, both as a custom and as a literary and artistic form. The women who lamented were usually uneducated, but had a wonderful and refined sense of poetry. The lament is a living word that defends from oblivion. With this film, we want to bring it back to life and save it from oblivion as well. I also want to “place flowers on the marble”.

Sara Stijović completed her undergraduate studies at FDU Cetinje, where she is currently attending specialist studies in Documentary Film. Her debut documentary “Gina”, which is under development, is the last year’s representative of Europe and the first Montenegrin project selected for the La Fabrique Cinéma de l’Institut Français 2020 workshop as part of the 73rd Cannes Film Festival.