Kanarta: Alive in Dreams

UK, Japan

121’29’’, 2020.


Akimi Ota


Akimi Ota


Akimi Ota


Akimi Ota


Akimi Ota


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Sebastian and Pastora live in a Shuar village in the Upper Amazonia of Ecuador. Sebastian is not only a respected healer, but also a medicinal botanist who experiments with unknown plants he encounters in the forest. His unique practice seeks to cultivate new knowledge, reconnecting him with his ancestors. Pastora is one of the rare female leaders in Amazonia, who struggles to negotiate with local authorities for her community. With powerful plants such as ayahuasca, they revive and energise their perceptions of the future. These plants allow them to acquire power and a faith to cope with the obstacles they now face, given that their lives have been irreversibly affected by the modern state system.

Akimi Ota obtained his master’s degree in anthropology from EHESS in Paris, and his PhD in visual anthropology from the University of Manchester. His award-winning debut film “Kanarta: Alive in Dreams” will be released in the theatre in Tokyo in October 2021.