The Snow Calls


48’54’’, 2020.


Marjan Khosravi


Mahdieh Mehvar


Marjan Khosravi


Mohammad Gholipur


Sajad Imani


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After bearing three daughters, Mina has just one more chance: her next child has to be a boy or her husband will marry another woman. That’s the tradition. The very pregnant Mina and her family live in southwestern Iran, where the rules of the Bakhtiari tribe apply. This time, the expectant mother decides not to have an ultrasound scan, for fear of the result and the gossip that would ensue. She is already under enough pressure from her in-laws, although she does still have people on her side too. As the snowdrifts become deeper, and the outside door will barely open anymore, the atmosphere in the household becomes increasingly oppressive. Will there be a happy ending with the birth of a son, or are we watching a life that is about to fall apart?

Marjan Khosravi is a young filmmaker who studied Cinema and Media Art. After nine years writing, studying and working in cinema and film production and as assistant director, she directed her first short documentary in 2018, “The Price of Blood”, which garnered much admiration in many national festivals. “The Snow Calls” was her first mid-length documentary.



The Snow Calls - Trailer from Seven Springs Pictures on Vimeo.