Worlds Apart


14’56’’, 2020.


Shin Thandar


Lindsey Merrison




Thae Zar Chi Khaing


Myat Myat Noe Aye


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Rakhine State in western Myanmar has long been home to a variety of faiths and ethnicities. But the last decade has seen successive waves of deadly ethnic conflict. Brutal crackdowns on the part of Myanmar's military have caused hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingya to flee into neighbouring Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Rohingya in Rakhine have been confined to internal camps that separate them apartheid-like from all other ethnic groups. These worlds within worlds are explored by filmmaker and Rakhine native Shin Thandar in this moving portrait of her Hindu neighbours. Her short film offers us an alarming glimpse of the ominous effects of long-term segregation of communities in Myanmar and the toll this is now taking on the next generation.

Shin Thandar studied English at Yangon’s University of Foreign Languages and gained a diploma in Information Technology, after which she worked in the news department of national broadcaster MRTV and as a communications assistant for the World Bank for almost five years before joining Yangon Film School in 2018. She isnow in her second year at the School.



Worlds Apart Trailer (Eng ST) from Yangon Film School on Vimeo.