To Topli Do



13′06″, 2023.
Žiža Stojičić Dragićević
Dušan Andrejević
Žiža Stojičić Dragićević
Miroslav Mitić, Jovica Krstić, Teodor Srećković
Miroslav Mitić




   The film To Topli Do is concerned with ethnological research of an authentic village in the Stara Planina Mountain, named Topli Do. The authenticity is reflected in the preserved vivid traditional vernacular architecture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as in the spiritual tradition, present in the memories and the religion of its inhabitants and their customs, as testified by the interlocutors. The Institute for the protection of cultural monuments in Niš has started the process to protect this village as a spatial cultural-historical whole, and has published research part of which are noted in this film.


Žiža Stojičić-Dragićević has been a conservator advisor at the Institute for the protection of cultural monuments in Niš since 1997. She has conducted research and protection of vernacular architecture and, aside from making ethnological films, she has carried out numerous projects, published scholarly articles and other works, and set up exhibitions.