The Shepherd’s path

Ovičarskou cestou

Czech Republic



Ľubomír Viluda, Ivan Kršiak




Ľubomír Viluda


Ľubomír Viluda


Ivan Kršiak


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Magic formulas, magic and ceremonial rituals helped protect the flock and shepherds from disease, evil forces and natural disasters. We were lucky to still experience the outgoing generation of farmers who gradually disappeared from our homeland. They took with them forever the knowledge and habits that had been formed over the years in the sweat of hard work. So we decided to return to the present day at least a piece of the world of our ancestors. Join us on a shepherd's journey through Slovakia –a country set in the heart of Europe. We will be guided by people who have dedicated their lives not only to sheep breeding, but also to the preservation of habits associated with life on Slovak mountain huts, but havemainly lived their lives in harmony with nature.

Ľubomír Viluda and Ivan Kršiak graduated at the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica, the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, the Department of a Documentary Film. In addition to a film directing study, Ľubomír Viluda has pedagogically and professionally specialized in a work with a camera and Ivan Kršiak has specialized in a work with sound and a film editing.



The Shepherd's path - trailer from Pastiersky film on Vimeo.