Lilanje in Loznica




15′, 2021.


Snežana Perić, Staša Petrović


Tourist organization of the town of Loznica


Snežana Perić, Staša Petrović


Aleksandar Obradinović, Tomislav Ivanović


Petar Petrović, Đorđe Stanković


This tourist documentary shows the tradition of lilanje in the town of Loznica today as a significant part of our intangible cultural heritage, as well as the founding of the LilaLo festival, which is becoming a new brand of Loznica. Lilanje is a traditional custom of lighting lila torches (made out of wild cherry or birch tree bark fixed on a hazel stick) on the eve of Petrovdan. This old ritual can be witnessed in numerous urban and rural locations. Lila torches are set alight next to large ritual bonfires on gathering places, and this collective activity is largely practiced by children and the young.

Snežana Perić is director of the Tourist organization of the town of Loznica since 2016. In the past six years, she has produced several films, and during her time, in 2022, the Tourist organization of the town of Loznica won the most prestigious Serbian award in tourism – The Flower of Tourism, awarded to the best tourist organization in Serbia by the Tourist organization of Serbia.