The Camp



10′10″, 2023.
Milutin Milošević
Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade
Milutin Milošević
Miloš Radovanović
Neda Živanović




  In contrast to children’s games that lead us through unusual landscapes of a refugee camp in Krnjača, we listen to short testimonies of their mothers about the challenges that raising children encompasses. From day-to-day concerns faced by mothers all over the world, to those whose roots originate in the legal systems of their countries of origin, as well as the imposed way of life, the mothers struggle with protecting their children as much as they can from all challenges, wanting only a peaceful and carefree childhood for their children.


Milutin Milošević is currently finishing his studies in film and television directing at the Faculty of dramatic arts, University of Arts Belgrade, in the class of professor Srdan Golubović. Until now, he has worked on several shorts and documentaries, music videos, commercials and a TV broadcast as director, screenwriter and producer. As director, he has collaborated with UNICEF during their joint project with the Faculty and made a short film on the subject of motherhood in refugee camps.